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"Creation is the process of solving a puzzle." That is how Astrid sees her art.


"From its birth to its end, the enigma is a complex and lengthy emotional evolution from the absence of knowing, to doubt, then suffering, to stagnation, then to the unveiling of a glimmer of light, to the gradual unraveling of cobwebs, and eventually to the manifestation as an unmistakable silhouette."


Every puzzle-solving is a journey of releasing self-doubts, a movement of letting go, and a path of creation. During this journey, there will be many points of connection arising. These points are where emotions collide. Emotional connections are the most essential and intrinsic bonds between individuals. Genuine emotions are the core of Astrid's work and one of the most critical factors that drive her to create art.


Astrid has been thinking about integrating, breaking down, and incorporating the different messages of the story into the work. The most common method she uses now is to pick out the keywords and use them to develop. Mainly adjectives, such as emotional (happy, heavy, aggravated), shape (round, square, slender), period (ancient, future, recent), gender, and tone of the piece (gloomy, sunny). In addition, each story in each period will have the characteristics of that era. Astrid considers it a workable method to find and include these characteristics in work. This way, people with relevant historical backgrounds will resonate with the work. Astrid thinks the work's narrative is essential, and she likes to hide the story behind the work. She enjoys the process of the story behind the work being slowly unearthed by the audience.


Astrid believes the artwork is more about constructing an immersive experience and connecting the viewer and the artist. Art can convey something other than a story that does not lend itself to straightforward writing. Immersing the audience in a swampland of sentiments is the eventual terminus of the work. The audience can partially understand the story behind her work, and she expects the work resonates and connects with the audience in some way.


Yarn, textile, and oil paintings are the main components of her artwork. Ever since Astrid can remember, her world has been surrounded by knitting yarn that was embedded with the intense emotions of her grandma, which turned into sweaters, slippers, shorts, and blankets. She loves the fusion of diverse materials. Aligning, collocating, and constructing these elements is an exhilarating adventure with uncertainty. Much like piecing together fragments of memory, when the entire creation is perfectly rendered, that must be the moment that all desired elements have been correctly or incorrectly stitched into place.


ArtCenter College of Design

Illustration Design - BFA


Otis College of Art and Design

Fine Art - MFA


 • March, 2023 

- MFA Thesis Show, Bolsky Gallery, 9045 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

• December, 2022 

- Full Circle Group Show, The Clinic Gallery, 5740 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

• December, 2019 

- BFA Art Center Graduation 

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